How to Reserve Your In-Person Session

  1. Go to your Future 49er Portal and login.
  2. If you have not already, submit your Intent to Enroll via the Forms/Checklist at the top of your portal.
  1. After submitting your IE, you will need to pay your Orientation Fee ($95).
Portal screenshot of Payment Due
  1. After paying your Orientation Fee, you will see a button to access your New Student Orientation Portal. Click the image/button to be taken to the portal.
  1. Congratulations, you’re now at your hub for all things NSO!
    1. The top of the page will include your information on the left (name, Charlotte email, academic college, and major) as well as reminders about the four steps of NSO. 
    2. Under the description at the top, you will see NSO Events. Once you are registered for an event, it will display here.
Portal screenshot of NSO Portal home page
  1. Scroll down to Step 1: Reserve Your In-Person NSO Date. Below this header, you will find a calendar on your left that displays available session dates by your student type (first-year or transfer). Dates in green have availability and those in gray are full or no longer available.
    1. Click the date with availability that you would like to attend.
    2. On the right, you will see the session title and date/time (ex. First-Year New Student Orientation Session 1, 6/11/2024 8 AM). 
    3. Click the session title to complete the reservation form.
Portal screenshot of selecting their in-person date
  1. On the reservation form, complete all the required fields. Much of your information will populate using information from your application.
    1. This is where you will be able to add family members or guests to your reservation. You can add up to two (2) guests to attend with you for a fee of $75 per guest. 
    2. This is also where you are able to add pre-session overnight housing (staying on-campus the night before your session). This is available for students/families attending in-person sessions in June or July. An additional fee per person is required. 
    3. Once you enter all your information, click Submit. If you added guests or overnight housing, you will be directed to submit payment for those costs.
Screenshot of NSO form
  1. Now, your in-person reservation is complete! Check your email (person and Charlotte) for your confirmation email. Any guests that were added to your reservation will also receive a confirmation to the email address you added.
Screenshot of NSO confirmation email for students